BUBBLA is new logic puzzle game
for iPad, iPhone, Android and PC.



"Put artistic value into games and make them with love and passion."


Age of Defenders

Realtime strategy game
iPad,PC - web

The world of the future is dependent on the mining of Rydan,
a precious resorce that mankind uses for teleportation.

Tunnelers promo

PC - web

We have created a web promo game for the title Tunnelers.
The game have nice physics and artificial intelligence.

Minigames development

Stategy, puzzle 2007-2015

Sustained is given to formation of small simple games.
Most projects have been implemented to order.

About us

"We want to develop games that give intensive experience
and long-term memory to players.
We are connecting art with fun."

TINYSOFT is a small indie game studio based in the Slovak Republic.
It was founded many years ago by young guys who were so fascinated with a gaming.

Michal Gabriel
(Co-founder, Creative director)

Welcome Back Commander

e-mail: michal.gabriel@tinysoft.sk
tel: +421 910 224 648
skype: tinysoft
Ján Lipták
(Co-founder, Developer)

Only dead fish go with the flow

e-mail: jan.liptak@tinysoft.sk
tel: +420 776 750 019
skype: ianliptak
Tomáš Mizerák
(Co-founder, Chief technology officer)

I am here to research and explore

e-mail: tomas.mizerak@tinysoft.sk
tel: N/A
skype: tomas.mizerak
Martin Gabriel
(Producer, Game Designer)

I've never let my school interfere with my education

e-mail: martin.gabriel@tinysoft.sk
tel: +420 723 603 937
skype: martin.gabriel.sfh
Mirka Psotová
(Graphic designer)

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

e-mail: mirka.psotova@tinysoft.sk
skype: senorita_mayrita